Thursday, June 17, 2010

Days 6 & 7

So after sleeping in a bit, we went and walked around Cedro Galan with Anina, one of the PDs, who introduced us to some people in the community. We ended up watching the last couple minutes of the South Africa-Uruguay game with a woman named Laura. RSA lost 3-0, which was disappointing. It was an especially rough day for Laura, who has been following Spain, who lost 1-0 this Switzerland. Ouch. After that, we went back to El Farito (the facility that Manna uses in Cedro) and helped Anina with her kids' English class. After Anina's class we stayed for Hemby's adult elementary English class, who was taking a test. I sat at a table with Laura, her little daughter Laurita, and two other girls we had met earlier in Cedro, Juana and her younger sister Idalia. I basically just made sure that they didn't cheat on the test. That night, we came home for dinner and later on decided to make a run to Pop's (an ice cream place down the road and a PD favorite) and the Stop & Go (the convenient store next to Pop's, notorious for having imported American goodies). After Pop's, we hung out in the poolhouse and had a few drinks. I really like nights down here; they're usually pretty relaxed, filled with good conversations and good people. But after a couple hours of hanging out, I started to get a headache. Deciding to try and be responsible, I stopped after two beers and headed for bed. Once I laid down though, I started getting really nauseous and retreated to the bathroom. After some...digestive issues, I tried going back to bed, but resigned myself to my inevitable fate and ran back to the bathroom at about 1 am and proceeded to puke my guts out. It was pretty miserable, but afterwards I felt a bit better and managed to fall asleep.

I woke up today feeling a lot better. I think that last night was food poisoning because Hemby got sick last night too. Bummer. Anyhow, the girls all went to Chureca this morning, so Kelly took me and the rest of the boys (we've collected been dubbed "Team Man") to a coffee shop where we hung out and got on the (more cooperative) internet. We then had the brilliant idea of going to McDonald's, which proved immensely satisfying. It was, sadly, good to have some greasy, nasty American food in my stomach. We then returned home so that the people who stayed home on Tuesday could go to the Land and teach with Kelly. Left with not much to do, I passed out on the couch for a couple hours and woke up to rain around 3. Men's soccer, which I've been looking forward to all week, is at 3:30 on Thursdays. We drove around to see if people were out and wanted to play through the weather, but, alas, no one wanted to juegar. Nicaraguans hate rain for some reason. Oh well. Later on, we went to teach advanced English with Kelly, which was great. I love that class; I definitely want to teach it while I'm here. After we got home from teaching, we had a quick dinner and headed to a restaurant in Nejapas to watch the end of the NBA finals game. Lakers won...who cares. The rest of the night was spent enjoying some 20 cord ToƱas and singing along to K'naan just a bit too loud. Now we're back home. Time for a little West Wing and a whole lot of sleep. USA v. Slovenia at 8:00 am tomorrow! The Yanks are coming!

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